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“Branded Melbourne’s Premier Brow Salon, Suzie McIntosh can transform any set of arches into power brows that keep a natural, yet defined shape. Servicing everyone from celebrities to influencers and then some (she’s even had folk fly in internationally just to experience her services!), you’ll be left feeling overly impressed with her five star service. The salon houses leading beauty specialists that are nationally accredited so you’ll always be in good hands. Select from HD Brows, Brow shaping, Lash lifting to get your party peepers ready to go! All hail Queen Suzie! BEST for …. Brow Makeovers”

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“So my whole life I’ve had shapely, but barely there eyebrows (see my first few photos below). I blame it on being 10 weeks premature, but that’s just a self-diagnosis. I really have no idea why both my sister and I came out with such shitty brows, my parents both have normal brows so I don’t get it…

Anyway, I don’t think it actually bothered me until I was about 16, that’s when I started to shade them in with eye shadow (I cringe when I think about doing that now lol) and since I was 18 or 19 I’ve been using an eyebrow pencil to fill them in every single day. I decided to look into feather stroke tattooing and after seeing some botched jobs I told myself I would never get it done, but in December when I was back in Australia I took the plunge and made an appointment with SUZIE MCINTOSH (@SUZIEMCINTOSH) and it was the best decision I have ever made!

I missed out on going to the 2 week touch up/ follow up appointment because I had to get back to Europe, but even without the touch up my brows are incredible, I wake up in the morning and hardly spend any time filling them in anymore, and once I go back to Australia for the 2nd session I legit will wake up in the morning with my #BROWSONFLEEK- Can not wait for the day that I can wake up and not have to touch my brows!

So if you’re considering feather brows, Suzie is the absolute best in the business for all things brows and I highly recommend giving her a call or a visit!”

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Now before I start, I only ever write reviews on products/services/salons I actually like. My general rule is, if I wouldn’t recommend something to my best friend or sister, I would never ever write a review on it.

So now thats out of the way, lets get started on another Suzie Mcintosh review…

Today in sunny St Kilda, I payed a visit to Suzie Mcinosh’s luxe eyebrow salon. Although Suzie was having a much needed day off from improving the lives (and brows) of women all over Melbourne, I was fortunate enough to score myself an appointment with mini Suzie protégé, Eden.

We all know Suzie is the best of the best, so I trust her salon team are equally so. Now, I’m not trying to say that Suzie is a crazy brow perfectionist (jokes that totally what I’m saying) BUT if I know Suzie like I think I do, there is NO WAY she would leave any ladies brows in the hands of someone incapable of doing a less than perfect job.

Today I had a very budget friendly wax, shape and tint. A lot of girls ask me about Suzie’s ombre brow tattooing but are a little discouraged by the price. Yes I will admit, ombre brow tattooing is on the higher side of the beauty services scale – but I guarantee you will not regret it. However, if you are a budget conscious gal, like myself, sometimes a little wax and tint is all you need to make the world of difference.

Check out my before and after pics if you don’t believe me!

I think a tint is a great idea leading into summer, just to give your brows a little more colour. It’s also a good way to give the illusion your brows are bold and full when you’re not wearing make up. Tick box!

So if you’re wanting to suss out Suzie McIntosh but aren’t necessarily ready to commit to brow tattooing, a simple brow wax and tint might be exactly what you need.

Cannot recommend these girls highly enough! Thank you Suzie, Eden and the SM salon team!


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“As most of you know I finally decided to get my eyebrows feather tattooed! This was not an easy decision for me. I was extremely apprehensive and nervous about taking the plunge, BUT… Thank god I did  @suziemcintosh you have seriously changed the brow game ! Brows are fully healed and absolute perfection, the best part is I never ever have to touch them. Ladies !!! If you have been questioning it for a while STOP wasting time and go visit my girl @suziemcintosh “

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“The countless mornings I spent in the bathroom, tossing between eyebrow pencil, an eyebrow powder palette or even trying some eyeshadows to get those bad boys right. It’s a time consuming process but brows are the one thing I won’t leave the house without doing. There’s something powerful about having good brows. I’m sure most of you girls out there can relate.

So, when I heard about Suzie and saw the amazing brows she’d given my friend, you couldn’t of gotten me knocking on her door quicker.

I’d messaged about 20 people asking who had eye-brow feathering and what it was like. The consensus was only positive, but that didn’t change the fact I went into my appointment shitting myself. No sugar-coating here. One, it was my first tattoo. Two, it’s on my face!! Imagine if it was to go wrong… But how could it in the trusty hands of Suzie, who’s been doing brows since she was a teenager!

 The actual process took around 1 hour, but I was so nervous that time sped up pretty quickly. My brows were lathered with numbing cream before hand, so there was little pain. It was more uncomfortable hearing the blade on my skin, and having to put up with my constantly watering eyes and face that felt like it’d had grass thrown all-over it during hay-fever season.

 Alas, I walked out of there with killer bold brows, ready for an event I went straight to that night. The following two days I proceeded to look a bit like I was going for the drag queen brow look, but that quickly faded down. The healing process was probably the hardest part, as I couldn’t exercise properly for 10 days to avoid sweating, or have warm steamy showers during our cold winter mornings.

 Was it all worth it though? HELLS YES!

My make-up routine takes half the amount of time in the morning! Ready, come at me brow.”


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An eyebrow specialist is like a great hairdresser; once you’ve found the one, you’re done searching. You immediately delete your brow-dedicated Pinterest and glance affectionately at your brows in the mirror. It’s a serious quest.

You love your brows, Melbourne girls. So much so we were inundated with recommendations and praise for your fave eyebrow experts and salons. You’ve recommended your own personal brow specialist out of the goodness of your heart – even if it means the next time you book an appointment there’ll be a three-month waiting list.

Specialising in Cosmetic Tattooing and Brow Styling, Suzie knows her way around a brow or two. She has you covered for temporary and permanent brow options, and according to our readers she’s on fleek.