Suzie Mcintosh is a leading brow artist in the Cosmetic Tattoo Industry.

Having over 10 years of experience in brow shaping and skin alone, it has provided her with the knowledge and understanding of how to create natural healed results and work on a diverse group of individuals and skin types.

Suzie has also trained renown leading Cosmetic Tattoo Artists such as Kristin Fisher Eyebrows (Sydney), The Cosmetic Tattoo Studio (Queensland), Arch Cosmetic Tattooing (Newcastle), Wink & Whims (Canada), Gabriella Brow Studio (Perth) to name a few. These artists, since training, have shown dramatic improvement in retention in their healed work.

As well as travelling internationally to conduct her ‘Masterclasses’, she has also had a number of artists fly in from the USA, Europe, UK, Canada & New Zealand to participate in our unique training program designed and created by Suzie herself.


  • 1 or 2 days of intense and intimate training with Suzie Mcintosh herself including theory and shadowing Suzie’s renowned techniques on live models
  • Professional Kit supplied by Brow Shop Australia
  • 1:1 assistance from Suzie while you practice her techniques on silicone pads and mannequin heads
  • Lunch provided each day
  • Certificates provided once post training components are completed
  • 2 months email support post training

A fundamentals course competition in PMU (permanent makeup application) is highly desirable if you want to get the more out of your training and time with Suzie Mcintosh. In order to enrol for your course, the following requirements do apply:

  • Must be over the age of 18 years
  • Being currently active in the Cosmetic Brow industry is highly beneficial for investing in training with Suzie Mcintosh
  • Must not be operating/residing in Melbourne, VIC Australia

Due to a high volume of enrolments for our training, deposits are 100% non-refundable. If you are unable to attend the course you signed up for you must inform the Suzie McIntosh Academy a minimum of 21 days before your selected course.

The 1-Day Intensive Advanced Course is priced at AUD$4,400.00 and requires a deposit of AUD$3,000.00 to secure your placement.

This 1-Day option is ideal for students who are quite confident in their technique and want to spend a day with Suzie, learning her insight into either one of the Ombre or/ Feather bow techniques of PMU Eyebrows, as well as her infamous HD Brows technique and Brow Lamination.

The 2-Day Intensive Advanced Course is most popular because it allows depth and insight into learning all of Suzie’s knowledge on achieving the best healed results for both Ombre and Feather Brow techniques. This is priced at AUD$7,500 with an AUD$5,000 deposit required to secure you placement.

Bookings will not be held tentatively and your placement is not secured until payment has been received.



We thought we were great cosmetic tattooists… Until we trained with the guru Suzie!! She elevated our skill set to a whole new level, and for that I will forever be eternally grateful to have come across this kind, patient, knowledgeable artist who I am so lucky to now call my dear friend. Training with Suzie will be the best investment any cosmetic tattooist could make in their entire career!

Kristin Fisher @kristin.fisher.eyebrows

Taking Suzie’s training was the best money I have ever spent. I was not a confident artist when I arrived and I was unsure of colours and techniques, but I have left feeling full of knowledge in all the areas I was struggling in. Suzie is a really wonderful teacher; she has an ability to relay things in a way you will remember and understand. Because of her extra attention I truly feel confident and I’m glad I invited into myself and my skill.

Elise Muscedere @brows_by_elise

Had the best training with this beautiful lady, Suzie Mcintosh, and learnt so much more than what I originally got trained 4 years ago. If anyone is wanting a good trainer, I definitely recommend Suzie she is beautiful inside and out! Thank you again!

Rhialia @rhialiabrowstylist

I can’t applaud Suzie enough! My skills and business both took a leap to the next level. My healed results became consistent and reliable and my work on each client became all the marketing I needed! Seeing Suzie work with such natural ease on brows really allowed me to translate that to my work as well. I highly, highly recommend her to anyone who ever asks, there’s no substitute!

Jess Riley @archcosmetictattooing

I could not recommend Suzie’s training enough! I went into the training really wanting to nail theory and Suzie’s knowledge is incredible. It covered everything you need to know and more. To add to this, her ability to teach all this knowledge is amazing. She made me feel comfortable instantly and I enjoyed my day of training with her so much! I left training having so much more confidence in myself and it is a huge highlight of my brow journey so far! After my training, Suzie also did my brows, and they are amazing!

Ellie Dunne @elliedunnecollective

I had the privilege of hosting Suzie at my clinic in New Zealand for her famous Feather Touch training! Both Suzie and her team were amazing to deal with and I learnt so much from her stay. This girl is the true microblading queen (as you can already tell by just looking at her work) but seeing her in action is something special! If you want to master the art of microblading I highly recommend you to go see this beauty and learn from the absolute best in the biz!

Cherie Ayrton @feathertouch_bycherie

Training with Suzie has changed the way I work! Her training guidelines, teaching techniques and knowledge was exactly what I needed. No other course I’ve taken can compare. Suzie’s high standard of training is second to none and you can see how passionate she is about what she does. I feel so privileged to have trained with her and she should be proud of the work she does. Suzie’s training is thorough, and she is so supportive throughout the training and after as well. I’m confident I am providing the best service and knowledge to my clients. My healed results are great, and I look forward to every tattooing appointment to see my client’s reactions! Thank you Suzie!!

Gabriella Shepherd @gabriella_shepherd

I can say on behalf of your Vegas class, thank you! Thank you for teaching us your best kept secrets. You are so amazingly talented at what you do, obviously so much that you inspire women from all over the entire world to come to this one small 13-mile-wide town in the middle of the desert to be a part of this exclusive training. You are so down to earth and humble, willing to help at all cost. From the information down to the techniques, your helpful crew, gifts photos, meals, the total experience, you ladies know how to make an artist feel special and truly are the best! I couldn’t help but be star struck in this class. The amount of talent in the room was beyond what I had expected. Thank you and I can’t wait to use these techniques!!

Mrs Minton @dieuminton

I just want to say that I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed learning from you. Thank you for travelling all this way to teach us. It took me literally 4 years of me shaping brows and my clients asking me over and over about PMU for me to find someone I found to be a prestigious brow artist to learn from because I am beyond choosy with what I invest into career-wise. I would pay it all over again in a heartbeat! I got so much out of your course, I was holding back tears in the middle of your teaching because after all this time of researching and waiting for the right course to come along, I was sitting right where I needed and was meant to be!

AJ Torres @thebrowbee

Thank you so much Suzie Mcintosh for the past two incredible days!! I have waited so long for this time with you and I have made the best decision of my career completing your Masterclass. I have learnt so many things I have struggled with as an artist. You have shone light on so many aspects of my work. I cannot wait to get back in the studio to create Brows I never imagined I could…

Angela Ryan @theoriginalface_